FBT Announces Strategic Partnership with Media Services


Media Services and FBT Film & Entertainment have announced a strategic partnership expected to be a boon for filmmakers doing business in Louisiana for years to come.  FBT Film, an affiliate of First Bank and Trust, ushered Media Services into this vibrant production hub last month, setting up the production payroll firm’s corporate offices at 909 Poydras Street and the state-of-the-art NIMS Center Studios in New Orleans.

In facilitating the establishment of our corporate identity in Louisiana, FBT has helped Media Services expand on its sizable presence in production centers like Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Albuquerque. In turn, Media Services brings to FBT its full range of production payroll and accounting products and services, adding yet another piece to the film finance institution’s turnkey operation.

“We couldn’t be happier about this new strategic alliance with Media Services,” said Leonard Alsfeld, FBT Film & Entertainment president and CEO. “Their reputation and history with all aspects of production accounting and payroll speaks for itself. Having them on board just makes our clients and prospective clients that much more enthusiastic about taking advantage of all the wonderful benefits of shooting in Louisiana.”

FBT Film offices in New Orleans and Los Angeles are staffed with professionals who have extensive hands-on production experience to help producers maximize the “Louisiana spend” for qualifying tax credits. They work with the Louisiana Film Commissioner’s office, statewide local municipalities, film liaisons, the NIMS Studio and Celtic  Production Studios in Baton Rouge to lower production costs and get more dollars “up on the screen.”

And as Louisiana’s production tax incentives are completely transferable, FBT Film is well positioned to assist out-of-state production companies (with no Louisiana tax liability) in selling their credits for cash on the open market. The financing institution’s strong relationships with top vendors such as Media Services allows it to offer unique solutions to producers looking to save up to 35% over what it would cost to shoot elsewhere.

“FBT Film and Media Services have a bright future together,” said Media Services payroll consultant Steve Bizenov. “This is an exciting time in Louisiana, as motion picture producers, looking to control soaring costs, discover the supportive and welcoming production environment in the state. FBT Film’s full-service, turnkey operation takes full advantage of everything the state has to offer. We are proud to be a part of this movement along with them.”

Media Services has 30 years’ experience as a premier employer-of-record payroll company, handling crew and talent payroll for feature, television, commercial, corporate, and Internet productions worldwide. Along with our fully staffed music and residual payroll departments, we offer top-notch production accounting services in our offices, or on-site at your production.

For more on FBT Film & Entertainment, and for general information on shooting in Louisiana, please call Lenny Alsfeld in New Orleans at 504-584-5888504-584-5888 or James Brooke in Los Angeles at 310-472-8750310-472-8750