Financial Services Partnerships

Our Louisiana financial services partnerships can help you with a wide range of film-related services from banking to insurance and almost everything in between.

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First_Bank_logo2First Bank and Trust

First Bank and Trust is the official banking partner of the New Orleans Saints, and since 1991 has been providing a full range of community-based and commercial banking services.

FBT Investments

FBT Investments offers a full range of investment and financial services including venture capital, brokerage, money management and institutional services. FBT Investments also participated as the lead underwriter in the only Louisiana private equity film offered in the state.

tn_ffiFilm Finances Inc

FFI has given completion guarantees to all the leading banks involved in the entertainment industry, as well as all the major studios and distributors of motion pictures. FFI has now guaranteed the completion and delivery of approximately 6,000 films, television and entertainment productions.