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More than just film tax credits – full service production company support

We are not solely focused on selling Louisiana film tax credits.  As a subsidiary of First Trust Corporation, we combine the strength and expertise of our affiliates while showing production companies how to enhance their “Louisiana budgets” (and credits) while getting better pricing on most line items. 

FBT Film & Entertainment is the ONLY provider of Louisiana film tax credits that is affiliated with a bank.  Our association with First Bank and Trust allows us to combine the trust and security of a bank along with the flexibility and oversight of a brokerage firm.   We offer production insurance acting as general agents for D.R. Reiff and Ventura Insurance Brokerage.  These factors combine to make us Louisiana’s premier “turn-key production partner” for all of your entertainment production needs. 

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FBT Investments offers a full range of investment and financial services including venture capital, brokerage, money management and institutional services. FBT Investments also participated as the lead underwriter in the only Louisiana private equity film offered in the state.

FBT Investments, Inc. (FBT), a registered broker/dealer is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Trust Corporation.
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Our Relationships Are Your Advantage

FBT Film & Entertainment also has worked closely with most of the leading Wall Street private underwriters and served as the lead underwriter for the very first private equity film placement in Louisiana.  

Our staff has extensive experience in the entertainment financing industry and fully understands the process of organizing, financing and executing the production process.  We have helped numerous studios, production companies and independent filmmakers evaluate the best way to maximize the full value of production film credits through the introduction of Louisiana companies.  Many of whom are clients of First Bank and Trust and FBT Investments, Inc. 

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Note:  FBT Advisors is an SEC advisory company which cannot offer stocks.