Save money on your taxes by investing in Louisiana

Buy Louisiana film tax credits

Looking for ways to save money on your Louisiana income taxes?  Save as much as 10-12% on your Louisiana income tax liability by purchasing tax credits generated by Louisiana’s film, historic and entertainment industry through FBT Film & Entertainment.

Louisiana’s Tax Credits are a fantastic way to help you release cash against your income. How many Tax Credits you receive depends on your individual tax scenario, but if you owe state income taxes in the State of Louisiana, you can purchase tax credits and have your tax obligation immediately reduced!

  • They can be applied towards the balance of your income taxes.
  • Additional tax planning strategies.
  • Excess credits can be carried forward up to 5-10 years.

Find out why FBT Film & Entertainment is the Financial Star of Hollywood South and see what savings we can help you earn today!

How to buy Louisiana Film Tax Credits

FBT Film & Entertainment can help you secure the maximum amount of tax credits that meet your specific requirements.  As a premier production partner for Louisiana film and video productions, we are pleased to work with you to ensure the highest level of savings as possible.

As an industry leader in the film credit market, FBT Film & Entertainment always have tax credits available.


Who is eligible?

Almost anyone with a Louisiana state income tax liability can buy Louisiana Film Tax Credits! You don’t even have to be from Louisiana to qualify.  People or groups that can buy Tax Credits include:

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Trusts
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Corporations
  • Franchise tax offset

Reserve Your Film Tax Credits Now

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CPA’s and Tax Professionals

FBT Film and Entertainment are committed to helping CPA and Tax Professionals understand the full benefits of Louisiana’s financial incentive programs and utilize that knowledge as part of their tax planning and asset protection strategies.   We invite you to contact us today to learn more about making the purchase of tax credits part of your service offerings to your client – act soon before someone else does!

Please contact us today for program information, rates and availability.

$200 Fee For Film Tax Credit Transfers

The Act allows the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) to collect a processing fee of $200 for the transfer of any film tax credit. This fee does not apply to Historic transfers.

  • All Motion Picture Credit Transfer Fees must be paid prior to claiming credits on an Income Tax Return.

>View the current cap stats here