Buying Louisiana Film Tax Credits


$200 Transfer fee for Film

Requirement that Motion Picture Credit Transfer Fee be Paid Prior to Claiming the Credits on an Income Tax Return.  Louisiana Revised Statute 47:6007 allows the Louisiana Department of Revenue  to collect a processing fee of $200 for each film tax credit transfer.


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How Do Tax Credits Benefit Me?

Who doesn’t need a tax break? 

Tax credits generated by films produced in Louisiana can offer a significant savings on your Louisiana income tax liability.  Of course your specific benefits will vary depending on your individual tax scenario – but the fact is these film tax credits offer measurable savings for Louisiana taxpayers.

“It’s a no risk proposition when it comes to saving money on your taxes.”
 – Louis Murphy, CPA Roth, Murphy Sanford

Because out-of-state production companies have no tax liability in Louisiana their tax credits can be transferred to any person, corporation, trust or partnership that has a Louisiana tax liability.  These tax credits can be applied toward the balance of your income taxes owed – effectively reducing your total obligation. 

In other words this means that anyone who pays income taxes in Louisiana – yes anyone – can purchase these credits and have their taxes reduced!

Who Can Buy Louisiana Film Tax Credits?

• Individuals
• Corporations
• Trusts
• Partnerships
• Limited Liability Corporations


About Louisiana Film Tax Credits

More than 80 major film and television projects made their home in Louisiana during 2008!

The state film office reports that in 2008 alone more than $32 million in incentives were granted.  This brings the totals to more than $443 million dating back to the programs origin in 2002.  The total impact from film productions in Louisiana in that time is estimated to be in excess of $2 billion, including over $200 million in payroll alone.

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