Louisiana Film Tax Incentive Programs

Louisiana is one of the best ranked location destination states for film productions in the entire U.S.!

In 2002, the Louisiana legislature enacted the Louisiana Motion Picture Tax Incentive Act (the “Act”) in order to induce production companies to shoot their film and video productions (i.e., movies, television shows, commercials, music videos, etc.) in Louisiana. The Act provides a tax incentive for qualified, Louisiana-based productions organized as a LLC/ Louisiana corporation and using local banks and residents. In addition, FBT has relationships with numerous lawyers who have experience creating these production entities and guiding them through the aspects of filming in Louisiana.


The Louisiana Motion Picture Incentive Program has 2 primary components:

  1. Investor Tax Credit – This program creates a transferable tax credit equal to 30% of the investment greater than $300,000 for all Louisiana based production expenses. These incentives can be used to offset production costs or used to make projects more financially viable to be filmed in Louisiana. Since most out-of-state production companies have no state income tax liability, they monetize their credits by using agents such as FBT Film Credit, LLC. to exchange them for cash.
  2. Labor Tax Credit – LA provides an additional 10% tax credit based on the total payroll of Louisiana residents employed in connection with the production. This credit encourages production companies to use local crews and labor as much as possible.  We have many contacts with crews and support facilities to assist with productions. Our IATSE presence is strong, crew base is deep and our state is a right to mark environment(where crew need not to be a member of the union).


Other Louisiana Incentives: (Non-transferable except Historic)

Sound Recording and Infrastructure Investor Tax not transferable
A 18% refundable tax credit based on total in-state expenditures for the production of sound recordings.

Digital Interactive Media Tax Credits refundable, can’t broker
Provides a tax credit of up to 25% of the base investment in digital media production done in state, including salary of Louisiana Labor. 25.2% credit and qualified payroll for in-state labor & 18% for qualified production expenditures.

Live Performance Tax Credit
For eligible live productions, including theater, opera, ballet, jazz, comedy revues and variety entertainment – provide up to 18% state tax credit on base investment and construction costs with an additional 7.2% tax credit on payroll for Louisiana residents. Only transferable 1 time(so can’t be broker)

The tax credits generated through the film programs are transfered to any individual, corporation, trust or partnership with a Louisiana income tax liability FBT Film Credit L.L.C.  Please contact us for more details.

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