Why Film In Louisiana?

Louisianas-30only-200x200-ver3Everyone knows that Louisiana is a unique place with a beat all its’ own.  Where else can you find such a unique blend of culture, music, food and heritage?  Look anywhere and you can see the rich texture of our state.   And with all the great stories just waiting to be told it’s no wonder that Louisiana ranks as THE TOP location in the US for
film productions.   

FBT Film & Entertainment has been helping facilitate a variety of projects in Louisiana since 2002. Our clients have included independent film productions as well as award winning major motion pictures.

Since 2002 more than $2 billion in productions have been completed in Louisiana!


Louisiana Film Tax Credits & Other Incentives

In addition to providing great locations, great stories and great local talent to work with, Louisiana has one of the best film industry incentive programs in the nation.  The Louisiana Motion Picture Tax Incentive Act of 2002 (The ACT) has been a catalyst to entice production companies to shoot their film and video productions (i.e., movies, television shows, commercials, music videos, etc.) in Louisiana.

The ACT has 2 main components of interest to filmmakers and producers:

  1. The Investor Tax Credit –this program provides a tax credit of up to 30% of all Louisiana based production costs exceeding $300,000.  This credit can be transferred using a financial agent such as FBT Advisors and converted into cash.  Learn more about the Louisiana’s Investor Tax Credit Program.
  2. The Labor Tax Credit –this program provides a 5% tax credit based on the total amount of payroll earned by Louisiana employees involved in the production.  These credits are directly transferrable as well.  Learn more about Louisiana’s Labor Tax Credit Program.

These tax credits can be used to offset income tax liability in the state of Louisiana.  However since most production companies will not have such a liability FBT Film & Entertainment can help transfer these credits to any person, corporation, trust or partnership.

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