5 Years After Katrina, New Orleans is Back!

Historically, New Orleans has always been a popular tourist destination. With history, culture, fantastic food, great nightlife, and world-class cuisine, people traveled from all over to vacation in this city.New-Orleans-at-night-small

However, when Hurricane Katrina hit the Big Easy in August of 2005, the city suffered unprecedented levels of damage, creating a significant obstacle for the tourism industry. Fortunately, financial investment, community strength, and a renewed political commitment have come together to yield a better, stronger version of New Orleans for residents and tourists alike.

Strengthened through investment

The damage suffered by the city was extensive, and without a strong financial investment from both private and public sectors, rebuilding would have been impossible. The city has seen millions of dollars of improvements throughout public facilities and private venues, resulting in renovations and improvements that make New Orleans more attractive to visitors than ever.

Some of the investments since 2005 include:
  • More than 300 new restaurants
  • Over $400 million invested in repairing, renovating, and building new hotels
  • Approximately $250 million spent to enhance the Superdome
  • Almost $100 million in upgrades and renovations on the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Reinforced by awards, future engagements

These efforts have not gone unnoticed by travelers. In the years following Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has won awards from both Travel & Leisure and TripAdvisor in categories such as nightlife, food, and music. The NFL has selected New Orleans to host the Superbowl in 2013, a testament to the vivacity of the city. In fact, the tourism board has created a comprehensive plan to continue this trend and welcome a record number of tourists to the city by the year 2018, which will mark 300 years since New Orleans was founded.

Despite facing unique and staggering challenges, New Orleans has maintained its reputation as one of the United State’s top cities for leisure, business, and everything in between. Whether you are looking to host a convention or film a movie in the Big Easy, you will find the city ready and able to provide everything you need, from talented and skilled staff to a wide range of hotel and restaurant options.


New Orleans Tourism Stronger than Before – By Stephen Perry