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Louisiana Is the Movie-Making Capital of the World

When you think of big budget films, movie stars, production companies, and film studios, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Hollywood, of course. That’s where they make all of the movie magic happen, right?

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 Study reveals why California is losing ground in the film industry to states like Louisiana

This groundbreaking study takes a deep look into why California is losing ground in the film industry to other states like Louisiana. The report also details what California must do in order to preserve high-paying jobs and to give Californians who are still officially listed as working in the industry and residing in the state a chance to remain local.

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 GNO, Inc. Results

GNO, Inc. has helped to both drive and promote broad third-party recognition over the past two years, which is repositioning Greater New Orleans as an outstanding place to live and work

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 Louisiana rates as the 2013 film capital of the WORLD

If this year’s Oscars proved one thing, it’s that Louisiana is making some of the best movies out there right now, as four of the six highest-profile Academy Awards went to New Orleans-shot films. Now it would appear the Bayou State is making more of them than anyone as well.

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 Experiencing New Orleans With Fresh Eyes and Ears

On a recent Monday night the usual suspects gathered at BJ’s, a dive in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. They were there, as many are every Monday, to see one of the city’s premier bands, King James & the Special Men. Grizzled rockers in leather jackets leaned against the worn walls, smoking.

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 The Preservation Hall Jazz Band: A family business

If there’s one place in America that can claim to be the home of “all that jazz,” it’s the building in New Orleans that Lesley Stahl of “60 Minutes” will be taking us to visit

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 Louisiana Announces Sixth Straight Year of Growth Thanks in Part to Film & Digital Media

Louisiana is a growing concern. For the past six years, population and job growth have been on the up-swing, and income levels have risen correspondingly.

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 And the award goes to…Louisiana!

Louisiana is the new movie-making capital of the world. According to the 2013 Feature Film Production Study from FilmL.A., 18 of the 108 films released in 2013 were produced by major studios in Louisiana, and the five largest independent films of the year were also shot in the state.

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 Study: Hollywood South surging past Hollywood in film production

When it comes to the production of feature films, Louisiana is on a tear – even bypassing traditional heavyweight California.

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 New Orleans at the Oscars: City has a long history with the Academy Awards

New Orleans has forever been an exhibitionist of a city. From the wide-open secret of the closed-door goings-on in the former red-light district of Storyville to the century-old public displays of showmanship known as Carnival, and on to the 1896 establishment on Canal Street of the world’s very first permanent public movie theater, the city has always seemed eager to shout “Look at me!”

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 Listen to the Out to Lunch Interview with Lenny Alsfeld

Part of the reason Louisiana is known as Hollywood South is the State tax credits. On this week’s episode of Out to Lunch host Peter Ricchiuti explores the growth of the industry with our own Lenny Alsfeld.

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 Great Reasons to Do Business in Louisiana in 2014

Success has been the word of the year for businesses in Louisiana in 2013, and next year promises to be even more successful.

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 Another winning year for movie making in New Orleans

The lights have shone bright again in Hollywood South. 2013 has been another big year for TV and movie making in New Orleans and Louisiana.

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 Leonard Alsfeld of FBT Investments Named 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager for Louisiana

FBT Investments is proud to announce that our own Leonard Alsfeld has been recognized as a 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager for Louisiana.

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 Alsfeld makes City Business Money Makers 2013 List

Congratulations to our own Lenny Alsfeld who was recently named to the 2013 New Orleans City Business Money Makers list for his achievements in business and in the local community.

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 Forbes Magazine: Information Jobs are on the rise in New Orleans

New Orleans ranked #3 on a recent Forbes survey of best US cities for information jobs. Find out why information jobs are on the rise on New Orleans.

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Get a 3% Cash Rebate for Filming in Jefferson Parish

Did you know that films produced in Jefferson Parish are eligible for up to a 3% cash rebate? Get all the details.

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Tax Credit Applications must now be processed online

You can now apply for the Louisiana Motion Picture Tax Credit online via the FastLane system. Find out what FastLane is and how it works.

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 Fiscal Cliff Deal Renews Tax Credits

The bill drafted by the Senate and passed by the House late Tuesday extends for another year film production tax credits first allowed by the Bush administration in 2004.

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 Brokers question need for online tax credit exchanges

Will French was snubbed often in the early days of selling state tax credits for movie productions and urban development.

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 Alsfeld makes City Business Money Makers 2012 List

Congratulations to our own Lenny Alsfeld who was recently named to the 2012 New Orleans City Business Money Makers list for his achievements in business and in the local community.

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 The Big Easiest Place To Build A Startup

New Orleans has long been thought of as heaven for fans of jazz, food, and a boozy beignet-laden night out. But now some locals are now calling it heaven for startups, too–a place with a first-class incubator, coworking space aplenty, and a somewhat shocking set of financial incentives.

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 Louisiana Ranked Best State for Digital Media

The Bayou State is in the spotlight once again after the recent announcement that Louisiana ranked best state for digital media according to Business Facilities Magazine.

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Newly Renovated Joy and Saenger Theaters Open in New Orleans

The New Orleans Film Festival is anticipating the launch of its 23rd year this fall, with a seven-day cinema celebration starting October 11, 2012.

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 Tax Deductions vs. Tax Credits

When looking at tax deductions vs. tax credits, it’s best to break down what it is that each has to offer to gain a clearer understanding of their pros and cons.

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 TV & Movie productions can now get their own credit card from Film Finances Inc.

Film Finances Inc is now offering a credit card to movie and TV productions which offers 1% cash back on all film production and expenses.

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 FBT Film welcomes Wildfire Post Productions

FBT Film & Entertainment would like to extend a warm, Louisiana-style welcome to Wildfire Post Production Studios as the latest member of our ever expanding Louisiana-California network of film professionals.

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 FBT Film Production Partner FotoKem featured in Variety article

Film producers who are shooting on location rely heavily on digital dailies. Read more about how digital dailies are impacting the film industry and how companies like FotoKem are helping meet that demand.

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Why Inc. Magazine says New Orleans is the coolest city for startups

Ready why Inc. Magazine thinks New Orleans is the best city in America for startup businesses.

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FBT Film Helps Bring Jeff Who Lives at Home to the Big Screen

Even though it’s less than half complete, 2012 has already an exciting year for the movie industry in Louisiana! New Orleans was recently awarded the top location to film in the country and has been setting new records through a variety of media opportunities in the Bayou state.

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 New Orleans named #1 City for Film Makers

A recent survey by MovieMaker Magazine lists New Orleans as the best city in the US for film makers. Read this article to find out how New Orleans earned this ranking.

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 As Filmmaking Surges, New Orleans Becoming Serious Challenger To L.A.

For generations New Orleans‘ appeal to artists, musicians and writers did little to dispel the city’s image as a poor, albeit fun-loving, bohemian tourism haven.

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 Cut! When film credits dried up, so did Raleigh’s payments

Raleigh Michigan Studios opened under a marquee of co-owners with names almost as renowned in Michigan as the Hollywood stars and directors they hoped to attract.

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‘Morris Lessmore’ and Moonbot Studios’ ‘swamp rats’ wave Hollywood South flag at Oscars

Acknowledging the recent heartbreaking, season-ending losses by the New Orleans Saints and the LSU Tigers, the folks at Shreveport’s Moonbot Studios promised in an interview last month that they — and their animated short film “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” — would bring home Oscar gold for Louisiana.

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 La. limits credits on some film fees

New rules addressing which movie costs can earn film tax credits in the state could limit the fees paid for producers, executive producers, directors, financing and other costs.

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 Big Things in Store for Louisiana’s Film Industry in 2012

Louisiana recently closed the books on another record year in 2011, bringing more than a billion dollars of production and millions of dollars into the local economy.  And experts across the state are saying that that 2012 looks to be even better.

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FBT Film Hangs Out with the Crew of The Hot Flashes

The latest movie to be filmed in New Orleans is called “The Hot Flashes” starring Brooke Shields, Daryl Hannah, Melanie Griffith, Wanda Sykes and Camryn Manheim – with an “assist” from our own Leonard Alsfeld of FBT Film & Entertainment.

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Bringing Country Music’s Biggest Stars to Louisiana

Country music superstars Big Kenney & John Rich (Big & Rich) have contracted with Leonard Alsfeld of FBT Film to assist producing John Rich’s latest music video starring Willie Nelson, John Anderson and Merl Haggard.

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Louisiana makes “Top 10 in the Universe” list for production sites

Hollywood trade publication P3 includes Louisiana in it’s “The Top 10 Locations in the Universe” which lists the top worldwide locations for filmmakers.

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Louisiana named #1 spot in the United States for production

Hollywood trade publication P3 names Louisiana as the #1 spot for production in the United States. Take a closer look at their “Top 10: United States of Production” list and find out why Louisiana ranks as the top location.

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Tax Credit Brokers like FBT Film make business deals happen

Lenny Alsfeld of FBT Film & Entertainment was recently featured in an article explaining how tax credit brokers help make business deals a reality for digital media firms.

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 Importance of finding a good broker for digital media tax credits

While the film incentive programs created by the state of Louisiana in 2002 have earned a lot of ink in the press, the lesser known Digital Media Tax Credit is beginning to have a significant impact of its own on the local business climate. Stories such as those of tech firm Carrollton Technology Partners in New Orleans highlight the success of the program and its underlying impact on the business community.

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Accounting Guidelines Revised for Motion Picture Tax Credits

Newly updated audit guidelines will go into effect for all Louisiana motion picture production projects initially certified on or after 10/1/11.

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Credit Programs Vary

Film projects, theater productions, software development and album recordings all qualify for some sort of Louisiana tax incentive through a somewhat generous tax credit program within the Louisiana Department of Economic Development.

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FBT Film Client Kerry Kirby of 365 Connect Makes Top 100 List

FBT Film & Entertainment wishes to congratulate Kerry Kirby of 365 Connect for being named to the Silicon Bayou Top 100 List for 2011. These individuals were nominated and selected for the 2011 Silicon Bayou 100 for their efforts over the past year in growing their own companies, supporting the companies of others, and being outstanding ambassadors representing the Silicon Bayou around the world.!

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Louisiana on pace for record 2011

Louisiana now has a real chance to log a record 150 filming applications this year and to see local film and TV in-state spending for the first time top $1 billion!

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 Importance of film industry in Louisiana evident in ticket sales

With Hollywood set to break ticket sales records this summer, Louisiana is poised to reap the benefits of a thriving film infrastructure. Read more about why the movie industry is reaching new heights.

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New Orleans named 2nd best “Big City” for jobs by Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine listed New Orleans as the 2nd best big city for jobs in it’s annual “Best Cities for Jobs” list.  Read what factors put New Orleans at the top of the list.

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 New study confirms ongoing benefit of Louisiana’s film incentive programs

A recent study revealed that for every dollar of tax credits issues through these incentives, film production yields $5.71 in economic output.

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New Orleans Living Magazine takes a closer look at FBT Film & Entertainment

Louisiana’s film industry is on fire – find out more about what makes FBT Film one of the key players in the industry.

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Film incentive cuts in other states benefit Louisiana

Everyone is feeling the current economic pressures, whether they are private businesses or state governments. As these entities attempt to adjust to the slowing and struggling economy, some states have suggested changing, lowering, or eliminating tax incentives to the film and televisions industry, including New Mexico.

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Film Industry Helps Propel Louisiana to Top 10 Ranking – November 2010

In a recently released survey by Site Selection Magazine, Louisiana earned a Top 10 ranking as one of the top 10 states in America for best business climate. 

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Processing fees added to tax credit transfers – October 2010

Requirement that Motion Picture Credit Transfer Fee be Paid Prior to Claiming the Credits on an Income Tax Return.  Louisiana Revised Statute 47:6007 allows the Louisiana Department of Economic Development (LED) to collect a processing fee of up to $200 for receipt of notice of tax credit transfers.

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Versatile Louisiana Fast Becoming “L.A. South”

In the 1990s, filmmakers often traveled to Canada. But that eventually became less fashionable, and these days the industry is migrating in a different direction — to Louisiana. “L.A. South” has become the go-to spot for shooting movies.

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FBT Film announces exclusive agency agreement with Film Finances Inc.

Film Finances Inc., the world’s largest completion bond underwriters for films, announces an exclusive agency relationship with FBT Film & Entertainment to offer insurance, financing and completion bonds for Louisiana movie production. This new relationship gives production companies access to financing, insurance and film tax credits all from one source. FBT Film is one of the largest movie credit brokers in the state of Louisiana and is a leading participant in the development of the local movie industry.
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Deal or No Deal?
WIN-WIN SITUATION? Chris Stelly, the director of film and television for the state’s Office of Entertainment Industries Development says Louisiana saves 15% when it buys back movie tax credits while providing a more solid foundation for the production company. Read more about the impact of recent legislative changes to the state and it’s film industry participants.
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New Orleans named #1 US City for Live Music
New Orleans has been named the #1 city in North America for live music in a recent pool by the Society of American Travel Writers – an organization whose members include some of the best travel journalists and photographers in America.
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Panel advises film producers to consider states like Louisiana for productions

Tax incentives can be have a big influence on where film producers may decide to film their movies.  However this recent article advises that producers look farther than just film tax incentives as there are many more factors to consider when filming in different locations.  The author recommends carefully considering states like Louisiana as they have well established processes in place to support out of state film makers.
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David Simon shares his thoughts on the upcoming HBO series ‘Treme’

Writer and TV producer David Simon recently shared his thoughts about the upcoming HBO series ‘Treme’ including its intended impact.  “It’s about people trying to find their way home and reconstitute their lives in a city that was very ill-treated in the wake of the storm, and I don’t just mean the immediate wake, but in all the years that have followed. The national response to what has gone on in New Orleans is an embarrassment.”
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2009 Oscar Nominated Films Bring Jobs and  Revenue to States

What do Brad Pitt, Anne Hathaway and Mickey Rourke have in common? Yes, they are all nominated for one of Hollywood’s biggest awards – an Oscar®. But, all three of these actors were also a part of an “on location” film production that helped bring jobs and revenue to several states not necessarily known for red carpet events.
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2008 Louisiana Film Production Numbers Set New Record

2008 proved to be another record-breaking year for film and television productions in Louisiana.  More than 80 major productions made their home in Louisiana in 2008 compared to 53 from just a year ago.  Clearly the developing film infrastructure, aggressive financial incentives and unique Louisiana location and culture continue to fuel industry growth as confirmed by figures just released by the state.  
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Louisiana’s Movie Industry Continues to Develop Midway through 2008

The bar at the Hilton Shreveport was buzzing with Hollywood players in the early months of 2008. Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac were in town to shoot Dimension Films’ “Soul Men,” and Michael Cera and Olivia Wilde were there for the prehistoric comedy “The Year One” (Sony). That’s not exactly on a par with Morton’s on past Oscar nights, but it’s pretty impressive for a nondescript watering hole in a medium-sized Louisiana burg that many industryites have considered part of “flyover country” in years past.
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Movie industry excitement reaches fever pitch (Shreveport Times) — 6.2.2008

Celebrity sightings and big production Louisiana movie budgets are having a huge impact on Shreveport and other northern Louisiana areas.  Big name Hollywood producers like Oliver Stone are choosing Louisiana for their new projects in increasing numbers.  Furthermore the state continues to make improvements to infrastructure to support the growing film industry in Louisiana.
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Film industry on pace to break record year in ‘Hollywood South’ (AP Report) — 04.01.2008

Justin Timberlake, Salma Hayek and Michael Douglas are among a host of celebrities working on films in Louisiana, contributing to what’s shaping up to be the busiest year for the state’s film industry to date. Figures released this week by the state Office of Entertainment Industry Development show about two dozen film and television projects in production or pre-production in the state so far this year. There were 53 in all of 2007. 
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State officials tout Louisiana film industry growth (New Orleans City Business) — 12.13.2007

State officials tout Louisiana film industry growth by Jaime Guillet Staff Writer BATON ROUGE – Current film industry statistics place Louisiana at the top of the nation for film activity growth. The Louisiana Office of Entertainment Industry Development, a department within the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, has compiled state film industry facts and national statistics touting the positive economic and work force impacts of the film industry on Louisiana 
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