Leonard Alsfeld of FBT Investments Named 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager for Louisiana

FBT Investments is proud to announce that our own Leonard Alsfeld has been recognized as a 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager for Louisiana. As you may have seen in New Orleans Magazine, a very select group of wealth managers was featured for meeting exceedingly high service standards.

The 2013 Five Star Wealth Managers represent “less than 1 percent of the wealth managers in the New Orleans area.”*


Most importantly, this recognition came from Lenny’s peers throughout the wealth management community. The award association looked to three different sources in order to find suitable candidates for the honor. They looked for individuals who were qualified through their strong standing in the industry, and they also accepted firm nominations and peer nominations. Self-nominations were not considered.

After all of the nominations were in, there were 1,139 candidates considered for the Five Star Wealth Manager award. Lenny was one of only 98 managers to meet the eligibility criteria and win the distinguishing honor.

How Were Winners Chosen?

Once Five Star Professional had their list of nominated candidates, they used a list of objective evaluation criteria to select the winners. Neither Five Star Professional nor New Orleans Magazine uses this award selection process to endorse or advertise particular wealth managers throughout the New Orleans area. Instead, they use systematic methods, identifying which wealth managers meet very high industry standards.

Required Criteria:

To be eligible to win, candidates were obligated to meet the following requirements:

  •  Credentials – All candidates needed to be certified as an investment advisory representative, a FINRA-registered representative, a CPA or a licensed attorney.
  • Active and Experienced – With a minimum of five years experience, candidates needed to be actively employed and currently accepting new clients.
  • Work History – The Five Star Professionals took into account regulatory and complaint histories, looking for a favorable record of accomplishment.
  • Firm Review – The firm fulfilled its review based on internal standards.

Additional Considered Criteria:

As there were many candidates that were able to meet the above requirements, there were additional factors that were taken into consideration, including:

  • Client Retention – FBT Investments excelled in terms of both one-year and five-year client retention. On average, the winners of the Five Star Award had a one-year client retention rate of over 96%. We are proud to be among the few firms with such high client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Client Assets Administered – The award winners were those entrusted with the administration of considerable amounts of non-institutional discretionary and/or non-discretionary client assets.
  • Number of Client Households Served – The 2013 winners serve, on average, 294 households.
  • Educational and Professional Designations

Congratulations, Lenny!

Leonard Alsfeld and FBT Investments were able to fulfill all of the Five Star Professional requirements without any trouble. Leonard has been with FBT Investments since 2000, when he was recruited to create an FINRA full-service broker-dealer and SEC advisory firm.

“Lenny was able to build the premier Wall Street boutique firm in New Orleans, Louisiana.”*

With over 30 years of experience in the retail investment banking world, Lenny has been honored to receive numerous recognitions, such as the Five Star Wealth Management Award, throughout his career.

Leonard admits that he would not have been able to grow First Bank and Trust into the success it is today without the help of his talented and supportive staff. His senior staff includes Vice President Jannie Markey, Vice President Dawn Peterson and Chief Financial Officer Yolanda Wessel. The executives of FBT have combined Wall Street experience of more than 110 years.

“Alsfeld boasts that FBT Investments is represented by the highest percentage of female senior executives in the South.”*

Lenny and his team will continue to work throughout the year to prove to clients that they are worthy of this recognition as a top wealth management firm in New Orleans.