FBT Film Helps Bring Jeff Who Lives at Home to the Big Screen

jeffEven though it’s less than half complete, 2012 has already an exciting year for the movie industry in Louisiana! New Orleans was recently awarded the top location to film in the country and has been setting new records through a variety of media opportunities in the Bayou state. The announcements recognize New Orleans’ support of film makers, staff and media crews and how FTB Film helps these opportunists to come to existence, including recent efforts helping bring Jeff Who Lives at Home to the big screen.

Introducing – Jeff Who Lives at Home 

Starring Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) as the main character, Jeff Who Lives at Home is a story of one man’s hilarious attempt to search for the meaning of life. This sharp comedy has already grossed $4,200,618, in the United States and Canada as of May 9th 2012 and is set to go viral over the summer. An acclaimed supporting cast join comedy actor Segel including Ed Helms (The Lorax), Susan Sarandon (Themla and Louise) and Judy Greer (The Descendants), among others.

Jay and Mark Duplass, brothers who started their film career in New Orleans, join the cast in directing this feature length film and are making waves with their award-winning debut into the Louisiana-based movie scene. Noted for their directional skills by the acclaimed SXSW Film Festival in 2008-2010, Sundance Shorts Micro-budget Films in 2003 and 2004 and additional praise from Sony, Fox and other major entrainment sources, it comes as no surprise that the Duplass brothers are creating big waves in their hometown of New Orleans.

Our Role in Helping Films Make it to the Big Screen

Since 2004, starting with its role in assisting the making of the movie Ray, FBT Film has been a leading influence in Louisiana’s surge as a premier destination to produce movies.  In fact, FBT Film has worked on 52 films such as Jeff Who Lives at Home and is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Duplass directors to support the making of the film with vigorous behind-the-scenes work and the use of Louisiana Film Tax Credits.  Our participation included:

  • Registering the film with the Louisiana Economic Development Entertainment Division
  • Provided completion bonds through Film Finances Inc.
  • Provided staffing a crew resources
  • Brokering the Louisiana tax credits
  • Integrate payroll, legal, studios and the IATSE Platform from which movies can move seamlessly into production
  • Supplied access to premier filming locations.
  • Essential management services that facilitate successful filming.

Need Help Placing Films in Louisiana?

FBT Film helped Jeff Who Lives at Home make it to the big screen, as well as many other internationally recognized names on a day-to-day basis. Please contact a representative at FBT Film for more information on funding and insurance opportunity, Louisiana Tax Film Credits and other supporting services that can help fund and launch your project into the spotlight.