Newly Renovated Joy and Saenger Theaters Open in New Orleans

The New Orleans Film Festival is anticipating the launch of its 23rd year this fall, with a seven-day cinema celebration starting October 11, 2012. The scheduled events for this year’s festival, teamed with the newly renovated Joy and Saenger Theaters in New Orleans has already created much excitement and anticipation.

The newly renovated Joy Theater will bring considerable viewing space to the film festival with its 700 seats. The theater has been established as the key location within the city’s CBD, making it one of the most accessible and largest venues of the festival to date. The events managers are particularly excited to unveil the renovations as part of the festivities.

theaterThe Newly Renovated Joy Theater

The Importance of Theater Renovations in New Orleans

With over $51 million invested in the renovations of the Joy and Saenger theaters in New Orleans, it is no surprise that the infusion of cash has helped rejuvenate the arts scene in New Orleans. The renovations were geared toward returning these theaters to their vintage condition. In fact, original furnishings, materials, and when possible, plans were used to ensure an authentic experience for its patrons.

The recent handover to the city council was a way to ensure that the theaters would be sustainable throughout time.

“It’s like an onion. We’re peeling it back to its original beauty,” said Cindy Connick, executive director of the Canal Street Development Corp., the city agency overseeing the renovation.

The ongoing renovation process has taken several years, and repairs were completed on schedule before of the New Orleans Film Festival. The Joy is set to become one of the favored hosts and will create the perfect backdrop for the hard-work and commitment to authenticity within the renovations and the planning of the film festival itself.

Additionally, the renovation of these theaters makes it easier for state officials to attract new theater productions utilizing the state’s Live Entertainment Credits. These credits can be applied to theater productions which meet certain guidelines.

saengerThe Newly Renovated Saenger Theater

New Orleans Film Festival Venues

The Joy and Saenger Theaters in New Orleans are also joined by the Prytania Theater, The Theaters at Canal Place and the Contemporary Arts Center as the festival’s chief venues. Additional venues will be announced, although in recent years the Chalmette Movies, the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center and the New Orleans Museum of Art have hosted festival screenings.

Tickets and passes to the 23rd Annual New Orleans Film Festival will go on sale to film society members on Oct. 1 and to the general public on Oct. 8. For more details on the impact of renovated Joy and Saenger theaters in New Orleans and the festival, please visit the New Orleans Film Festival website.


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