Louisiana’s Population is Growing

Louisiana Announces Sixth Straight Year of Growth Thanks in Part to Film & Digital Media

Louisiana is a growing concern. For the past six years, population and job growth have been on the up-swing, and income levels have risen correspondingly.

Looking Good

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Louisiana is on a very healthy trend. Finally, after 25 years in a row of steady out-migration, the tide has turned. From 2008 through 2013, more people have moved to Louisiana than have left it.

In 2013 alone, Louisiana gained more than 4,200 people!

The economic picture is also healthy, with private-sector job growth since 2008 ranking #2 in the south and #4 among all U.S. states (not including D.C.)

It just gets better and better – the economy is trending up, private-sector job growth is on the rise, and the per capita income has increased by nearly 12% over the past five years.

Movies Continue to Bring Business to Louisiana

A good deal of this may be due to the increased interest in movie making in Louisiana, and particularly in New Orleans. Chris Stelly, of the Office of Entertainment Industry Development, describes 2013 as a banner year. He anticipates that when all is said and done and the figures are known, New Orleans will have performed even better than in 2012, which was in itself a record year. Although other parts of the state also served as venues for movie making, the bulk of the activity took place in New Orleans.

It appears as though people who enjoyed making movies in New Orleans wanted to keep returning. Sylvester Stallone has made several movies in New Orleans, and the most recent, “Grudge Match,” in which Robert DeNiro also starred, opened on Christmas Day of 2013. “22 Jump Street,” a Sony feature starting Ice Cube, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill is scheduled for release soon, and it’s likely that 2014 will continue to be a good year for movie making in the state of Louisiana.

Already the buzz is that some big names will be producing some significant entertainment in New Orleans. This is no doubt because the industry has had positive experiences in the area. The locations are great, and the economic climate is ideal for movie making, so it makes sense to come back.

There’s no doubt that Oscar-worthy films can be shot in Louisiana, and that the state has well earned its reputation as “Hollywood South.”

Economic Growth Continues

Without question, Louisiana has performed well in terms of economic development since 2008. More than 83,000 new jobs have been created (some of which have been in the movie industry), and more than $54 billion has been pumped into capital investment. Literally hundreds of millions have been attributed to small business sales across the state.

Finally, Louisiana is in the top ten ranking in several business climate rankings. The state ranks:

  • #4 in Business Facilities
  • #6 in Area Development
  • #6 in Site Selection

Also, Louisiana has been named State/Co-state of the Year by Southern Business and Development in four out of the past five years.

The strides that Louisiana has made, in comparison with the history of 30 years previous, are remarkable, particularly when one considers that he state experienced a drop in population due to out-migration for every single year from 1981 through 2006. As of now, the state has experienced no less than 39 consecutive months of private sector job growth. Also, the per capita income has grown by more than $4,200 in the past five years.

Indisputably, there is reason for celebration in the state of Louisiana. So turn up the lights, cue the music, and stay tuned for the sequel to Louisiana’s incredible growth story, coming next year!