Earn Tax Credits for Commercials

Most people know about Louisiana’s robust film & TV production industry, but did you know that Louisiana’s film tax credit program also applies to commercial production? If you are considering filming your next commercial in Louisiana, FBT Film & Entertainment can help you maximize the benefits of filming in Louisiana by providing assistance with everything from location selection to staffing and potentially  obtaining funding for film tax credits.

Our goal is to help you maximize your profitability by introducing you to the leading local vendors and ensuring that your production taps into the many resources made available by Louisiana’s Motion Picture Credit Act of 2002.

Can Louisiana Film Tax Credits be Used for Commercial Productions?

The simple answer is YES.

Louisiana’s Act provides financial incentives for television and film productions in Louisiana which does cover commercial products. There are two types of credits available to commercial producers:

  1. Investor Tax Credit, which creates a transferable credit equal to 30% of the investment greater than $300,000 for all Louisiana based production expenses.
  2. Labor Tax Credit, which provides an extra 10% tax credit. This is assessed based on the total payroll of Louisiana residents employed by the production.

Are you Qualified for the Credit?

You are qualified to receive a tax credit incentive if your production meet these 2 simple criteria:

  • It is Louisiana based production- meaning it is shot in Louisiana
  • It is organized under a Louisiana Corporation or LLC.

How Can FBT Film & Entertainment Help You?

When it comes to filming in Louisiana, we do it all. We handle and monetize credits and work to make the best use of your budgets for commercial production. Our advice, as well as our connections all over the state of Louisiana, make us the best choice for your commercial Tax Credit needs.

We appreciate your interest in Louisiana as a production site, and your interest in FBT Film and Entertainment. We can’t wait to chat with you soon and discuss how we can help you make your next commercial. Contact us today!